Midwest Multicare

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Our Goals

We are a dynamic office that is very sensitive to the patient's needs. We strive to improve the patient's overall experience with a Healthcare Provider's office.  Our aim is to be the very BEST healthcare provider our patients have ever experienced. 


This is the driving force behind Midwest Multicare.  


We are not only the patient's musculoskeletal treatment center, but we also play a part of the patient's coordination of care.  We incorporate the latest diagnostic tools available for overall physical wellness. When an issue presents that is beyond our realm of expertise, we have a talented and growing network of professional partnerships   In addition to the patient's underlying problem, we are able to address the patient's nutritional requirements as well by using the Nutrabalance System of evaluation. This enables the patients to balance individual nutritional requirements as well as physical medicine requirements, resulting in a more satisfied patient with better overall results. 


Don't take our word for it. Find more reviews HERE on Facebook! We listen to our patients and community because we care.

Dr. Hunt is a life saver. Being a reflexologist, I know the importance of keeping your body is alignment, but I can't do it alone. I suffered from headaches and neck pain do to an accident 20 yrs ago. I started seeing Dr. Hunt and after a few visits I've never felt better. Now I go in whenever things tighten up and he sets me straight--(literally) Now my whole family goes to him. Thank you Dr. Hunt for being the best of the best.

- Well you done it again!! You would think I would be smart enough to consult you BEFORE, i let the so called medical world put their hands on me! I feel so much better tonight already. I truly am blessed to call you my good friend and Dr.! Thank you so so much for some relief! Looking forward to even more. You are so good at what you do! Can’t thank you enough!

- I've been having shoulder problems for about 3 yrs. Pain n loss of range of motion. I've been to a couple of Dr's. Had cortisone shots, PT for months n nothing has been helping. I called Dr Hunt to see if he could help me. On my first visit to see him, he gave me back about 3 inches of motion to raise my arm up. He is amazing!!! I'd recommend him to anyone who would listen. If u need help, go see Dr Hunt!!

- My experience with MM has been amazing over the last few years. The staff is great and it's easy to find. I've gone here for adjustments and massages. I highly recommend it!!

- The staff at Midwest Multicare do an excellent job. They are very professional and treat everyone with respect! Blair Hunt has treated two of my children and myself with great success. He always sets up a plan and follows through

Dr. Hunt and his staff are nothing short of miracle workers. Kindness, professional, and effective, are just a few words to describe them. If you're tired of treatments that don't work.... make the change you deserve... go to Midwest.